Colouring: masters of ink

A greenish blue, which should look fresh, but not too bright? The colouring division makes the colour dreams of customers come true. Especially the CI-requirements of print customers are demanding. The colouring team of Epple Druckfarben AG is accordingly qualified and experienced.

Colourists carry out their work with passion. It is therefore no wonder that the colouring team at Epple has been working together for a long time and has therefore collected indispensable experience, which benefits the customer. The central task of the colour experts is the development of custom colours on the basis of various mixing systems dependent on the area of application, Food, Non-Food or UV inks.

Laboratory work at Epple: Seeking and finding the best colour recipes for the customer.

Customer proximity

“The requirements of colour composition are of a technical nature and have to be individually processed according to customer requirements. This can be the adaptation of custom colours for CI on the most varied of substrates or special technical properties for re-usable labels, and the key word is realness" explains Norbert Lenzgeiger, Head of Colouring dept. and implementation technology at Epple. The customers are printing houses, agencies and branded companies. Fast mixing, brilliant optics as well as environmental and consumer friendliness: these detailed customer requirements must be exactly understood and applied to our recipes.

Quality assurance

The recipes for the offset printing inks are put together using the XInkFormulation software from XRite and then the appropriate measuring devices are implemented to ascertain and interpret the colorimetric values. The colouring division at Epple has its own in-house laboratory for mixing and proofing the custom colours. In addition the quality of the colours is also ensured here.