Tea packaging with inner values

rlc | packaging group produces with BoFood Organic for the first time

The rlc | packaging group, one of the leading providers of innovative packaging solutions in Europe, produced with BoFood Organic at its Berlin site COLORPACK and printed the insides of food packaging. Boris Häntzle, sales director at COLORPACK, explains what advantages he sees for customers and why the system provider thinks inside printing is relevant.

You are one of the biggest European packaging producers. What makes you so successful?

Boris Häntze: What has characterised the company for more 155 years is the fascination for brands and the conviction that packaging is an important part of making a brand lastingly successful. It communicates the brand values at the POS to the customer and keeps on offering impulses for new, meaning-oriented ways of consumption in an ever more virtual world. Inside printing ultimately forms part of this.

How important is product safety for your customers?

It is crucial, and migration is often a central topic: No brand wants to risk its positive image because of flawed products. Particularly when it comes to ink, we have it in our power to prevent migration of contaminants. We see this as our responsibility. The folding box production at our COLORPACK site in Berlin is completely attuned to migration harmless and mineral oil-free ink and varnish. At this site we produce folding boxes for branded companies of the food industry in accordance with BRC / IoP requirements.

Boris Häntze
COLORPACK sales director

“Exciting new options for customer communication are opened up for brand producers with inside printing.”

Does this mean that internally the use of BoFood Organic is a logical development step?

Yes, because BoFood Organic represents a further development of the previously established BoFood MU ink system. This migration harmless offset ink series is employed by us for printing primary food packaging.

Which strategic added value does inside printing have for you and your customers?

For the brand producers, inside printing opens up new options for customer communication. Everyday products that are produced by the millions have to address the customer on an emotional level. A message on the inside is surprising and can emphasise brand worlds additionally.

Do you have a specific example from production?

We used BoFood Organic for example for the production of a tea packaging which was supposed to emphasise the natural values of the product. BoFood Organic is the most odourless ink on the market, according to our experience. This is a great advantage for this application. The consumer can experience the smell of the tea variety without interference. That is important for his/her relationship to the brand.

What is your assessment of inside printing for packaging in the long run?

Inside printing has the potential to play a greater role in the future. It is getting more and more challenging for brands to differentiate themselves; both at the POS but also when unboxing. It is therefore even more important for it to also anchor itself in the heads of the consumers through packaging. The market is very interested in this opportunity to shape food products in a more differentiated and at the same time, safe way.