Packaging printing inks convince with sustainability and quality

Inside and outside: the BoFood family leaves nothing to be desired

BoFood MU Next Generation

Suitable for safe printing of the non-food contact side of primary food packaging

  • It provides the highest level of safety from an ink point of view both for the printer as well as the end consumer and is superior to all other offset ink series in this regard.
  • BoFood MU Next Generation complies with all three technical requirements of primary food packaging, regarding ink:
    • low odour
    • low swelling
    • low-migration / migration harmless.
  • BoFood MU Next Generation inks are migration harmless as the absorbing and therefore potentially migratory components are of themselves, foodstuffs.
  • The inks from this series comply with all statutory preconditions.
  • The guaranteed safety from the ink point of view extends from the packaging all the way to the consumer.

BoFood Organic

Suitable for safe printing of the inside of primary food packaging.

  • The first offset ink for printing on the inside of food packaging (potential direct food contact).
  • The BoFood Organic System is a consistent extension of BoFood MU in accordance with the requirements of printing the inside of food packaging.
  • All raw materials used in BoFood Organic are approved for use in foodstuffs themselves.
  • Based on current information, the ink and varnish do not pose a toxicological threat, even in short-term or long-term direct contact with foodstuffs.

BoPack Plus

Suitable for non-absorbent substrates

  • In order to enable printing of inmould-labels, tags and cups in cases where no technological alternative to non-absorbent substrates exists, the BoPack Plus series was developed.
  • This series dries oxidatively and ensures adhesion to the substrate.
  • In contrast to “odourless”, it can be described as sensorily optimised.
  • The BoPack Plus Series provides low migration.
  • The following materials, amongst others, can be printed on with BoPack Plus: OPP for IML-applications, plastic film, PE-coated board, metallised film.
  • The raw materials for the BoPack Plus series were selected according to the EuPIA selection list. The general suitability for printing on the non-food contact side of food packaging was proven by an independent institute using a print sample.

BoFood Effect Varnish 1299

Suitable for primary food packaging

  • This varnish was specifically designed to achieve matt-gloss effects in interaction with aqueous dispersion coatings.
  • The varnish can be applied especially well on print products with dark colour components.
  • The parts which are supposed to end up matt in the finished product are overprinted with Finishfit Effect varnish 1299, the dispersion coating is applied inline directly after the effect coating and dried.