BoFood-packaging – Migration harmless from both sides

EGGER Druck + Medien produces new packaging samples for Epple

Landsberg based EGGER Druck + Medien, is traditionally open for new ideas – and it did not make an exception here, when it employed the migration harmless ink system BoFood Organic for the first time.

From packaging design to production: this BoFood project, the inside printing of food packaging, was entirely the work of professionals. The production of a packaging designed by the renowned design agency Clormann Design, was discussed by EGGER Druck + Medien and Epple in December 2017. A good two months later, the printing data for the packaging was ready in three versions: Chocolate, Seasoning and Tea were meant to shine as intense pictures from the folding box and the inside held production information about BoFood Organic in store.

The eye-catching outer print of the packaging was made with BoFood MU and effect varnish, the inner print with BoFood Organic. The packaging bag can be removed from the carrier paper and inserted. The sample boxes, which can also be handed out as flat packages, provide information, useful during customer talks as a give-away and print sample.

Highly attractive and migration armless: Food packaging, produced by EGGER Druck + Medien with BoFood Organic.

This perfectly exemplifies the main advantage of the migration harmless ink BoFood Organic: The assembled packaging is filled with the respective foodstuff (praline, tea ball, nutmeg, cinnamon, etc.). Migration of ink which poses health risks is not possible, since BoFood Organic is exclusively made up of ingredients which are permitted for use in foodstuffs. The project was coordinated successfully by Epple application engineering, which gave support for the printing customer, for example for setting up the machine and print approval.

BoFood® Organic receives the German Packaging Award 2018

Our passion for the best solutions, our dedication to the best product and our drive for perfection: these are the ingredients that we put together to win the German Packaging Award 2018 in the category of safety. We are proud to receive this Award!