Packaging printing: economically and socially significant

To ensure successful folding box production you need a good design, the application of sustainable raw materials and a printing ink which not only complies with all EU guidelines but also meets every customer requirement. Economic and reproducible print production is the stated goal; Epple's printing inks contribute with their high colour intensity, precision and good printability.

Epple is a strong and innovative player on the European packaging printing market with its trailblazing packaging printing inks. This is proven by its wide range of environmentally friendly packaging printing inks, which protect users and consumers. Epple is preparing itself and its products for current developments such as the amendments in the draft of the 21st consumer goods ordinance ("German printing ink ordinance") and is always targeted towards the needs of the customers.

Unique selling point resulting from pioneering work

The centrepiece of the German printing ink ordinance will be a positive list of proven substances. Epple has achieved a unique selling point thanks to its expertise in migration harmless printing, which is now paying off handsomely. We were pioneers when we became the first producer of a mineral oil-free sheet fed offset ink (eco ink) in1993 based on renewable raw materials. At the moment, interest is increasing tremendously in this sustainable ink system; which can be observed in our events such as the Epple Experts Events.

Helmut Fröhlich
Product Manager Packaging

“The packaging printing industry is unbelievably rich in printing technologies, very creative and at the same time it is subject to enormously high legal requirements. At Epple we know all about these challenges and we develop the appropriate answers and products. BoFood Organic the migration harmless ink system for direct contact with foodstuffs is real proof of our innovative strength.”

Printing houses as well as end customers ask e.g. about innovative packaging concepts with BoFood Organic, the ink system for direct contact with foodstuffs. The rlc packaging group one of the leading packaging producers has created tea packaging with BoFood Organic using the benefits of the ink system: migration harmless and odourless, which enables trademark branding on printed package insides.

Sustainable ink system spectrum

The necessary ink technology Know-how has been acquired by Epple through its constant further development of reduced low-migration resp. migration harmless ink systems. One of these is BoFood MU Next Generation which is a premium product for printed package outsides. Furthermore, Epple has BoPack Gama in its product portfolio, which is another low-migration ink system for packaging printing.

Quality is the key

To be able to guarantee the optimum in security from an ink point of view, Epple carry out daily quality tests (incoming goods inspection and outgoing goods inspection) and the inks are also tested by renowned external institutes at regular intervals. The Colouring department takes on the responsibility for the quality of Epple's special inks. That is why this edition closes with an introduction to these people who are so important for Epple's customers.