Sustainable together? It’s the only way!

The necessary sustainability required in the printing industry can only be achieved as part of an interdisciplinary exchange of experience and with the efforts of the entire supply chain. Topics that we are looking at includes organic economy, circular economy, interdisciplinary knowledge transfer and the benefit of synergy effects. In the spirit of the SDG 17 (partnerships for achieving these goals), Epple Druckfarben AG is contributing its expertise to sustainable cooperations.

go2green: Epple Druckfarben AG has been member of this initiative for sustainable printing inks since 2021. The innovation platform, initiated by Regensburg research company HeiQ RAS, wishes to promote collaboration between SMEs, industry and research when working towards environmental solutions and product innovations. This should result in a reduction in toxic substances and persistent pollutants. Epple, together with HeiQ RAS, the expert in modern nanotechnology, has already collaborated in the development of an innovative varnish product.

Chemistry Cluster Bavaria: More than 100 companies, start-ups and research institutes within the chemical industry have formed a network. Epple has been a member of this chemistry cluster since 2020 with the aim of greater interaction with regional partners and to represent the interests and knowledge of the printing industry. The pandemic years have shown the challenges of the international supply chain, as well as the fact that short transport routes are ideal for a circular economy. One company’s waste material may be a valuable raw material for another company. Finding relevant contacts is currently extremely difficult as there are only a few platforms for this. However, the Chemistry Cluster Bavaria has already made it possible to make several very exciting contacts. After clarifying a few formalities, several project ideas have since entered a promising test phase. However, Epple not only wants to reap the benefits of the network, it is also looking forward to acting as a partner or consultant for analytics and scale-up processes.