Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the United Nations agreed globally applicable Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within the framework of Agenda 2030. These 17 sustainability goals are intended to contribute towards ending extreme poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and contributing to the protection of our environment.

The SDGs are also addressed specifically to companies. Because the economy can contribute greatly towards implementing the SDGs as it has an influence on numerous topics and developments. This also applies to Epple Druckfarben and we acknowledge these SDGs. We have defined four major sustainability points (cf. Page 6f.) where the SDGs provide us with guidance to drive them forward with sub-objectives and measures. This applies to the business and production processes at the Neusäß site, the product portfolio, supplier management and the reduction of CO₂ emissions.

The wedding cake principle embodies the scientific principle of the planetary sustainability boundaries based on the goals for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations.

Based on the scientific model of planetary boundaries, the relevance of the SDGs for a global, holistic sustainability development is clear. The fundamental concept is a biosphere in which the economic systems and societies are embedded. The economy here is an integrative part of our society and should therefore only develop within the planetary boundaries. This steps away from the previously separate depiction of social, economic and ecological development.

Based on this, an expanded model was developed in 2016, a model built around the principle of a tiered wedding cake. This should apply the scientific model of the planetary sustainability boundaries to the 17 goals for sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals) set by the United Nations.

This diagram rests upon four non-negotiable planetary boundaries, i.e.: Fresh water, climate, biodiversity and oceans. This means that the sustainability goals 6 (Clean water), 13 (Climate action), 14 (Life below water) and 15 (Life on land) are of fundamental importance.

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