Finishfit® OIL Silk Matt Effect Coarse 1290/3

Finishfit® OIL Silk Matt Effect Coarse 1290/3

Finishfit® OIL Silk Matt Effect Coarse 1290/3 has been specially designed to achieve matt-gloss effects in combination with UV coatings or dispersion varnishes. It is processed in the printing unit like a conventional print varnish. The areas which are to appear matt in the finished product are overprinted with Finishfit® OIL Silk Matt Effect Coarse 1290/3, the UV or dispersion varnish is applied inline directly after the effect varnish and dried with a UV or IR dryer. Depending on the amount of effect varnish applied, the matting effect is stronger or weaker.



  • Very good on printed products with ink content to show the coarse effect
  • Slightly violet cast
  • Coarse effect
  • Yellowing of the white paper surfaces is reduced to a minimum by this varnish, even after a longer period of time
  • Problem-free processing with and without fountain solution
  • Can be used on paper and cardboard



  • Always read the label and the product information before use
  • The properties depend on the substrate and the application quantity
  • Despite coating, the effect varnish is not immediately dry after printing. The pile height therefore depends on the amount of varnish and the substrate
  • Stir well before use



  • For cleaning rubber rollers we recommend Cleanfit Rollerpaste 2299
  • For cleaning in automatic washing systems we recommend Washfit AIII 2232
  • Powder spraying if required



  • Protect from frost, heat and direct sunlight
  • Storage only in original packaging at 10 – 30 °C (50 – 86° F)
  • Unopened and correctly stored Finishfit® OIL Silk Matt Effect Coarse 1290/3 has a shelf life of 12 months from delivery date

Standard Packaging


  • 1 kg tin
  • 2.5 kg tin
  • 200 kg drum
Note: This technical description is intended to inform and advise you. It corresponds to our current state of knowledge. However, since the specific application depends on a number of factors over which we have no influence, no guarantee and liability for the pressure failure can be derived.