Packaging printing inks

BoFood® Organic System

The BoFood® Organic System is the first offset ink for printing on the inside of food packaging (direct contact).

BoFood® Organic

The BoFood® Organic System is the first offset ink for printing on the inside of food packaging (direct contact). All current and technically comparable offset inks for printing food packaging are only recommended for printing on the side facing away from the food (outside). This is because most conventional offset components, such as resin, pigment or additives, have not been evaluated or approved for direct food contact.

All raw materials used in BoFood® Organic are approved for use in food itself. Ink or varnish formulated from such components does not pose a hazard in short-term or long-term direct contact with food.

The selection of raw materials and the entire manufacturing process as well as the incoming and outgoing goods inspections are subject to the strict requirements of GMP Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006. The basic suitability of printing with BoFood® Organic inks with regard to conformity with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 has been tested and confirmed by an independent institute.

When used as intended and in compliance with good manufacturing practice (GMP), the inks can comply with both the total migration limit (< 60 ppm) and the specific migration limits. A functional barrier to meet the legal requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 is not required on the part of ink.

BoFood® Organic Inks

BoFood® Organic inks can be processed like normal offset inks for food packaging printing. The requirement for low odor demands non-oxidative drying binders, which do not meet the usual requirements for rub resistance. For this reason, dispersion coating of all printing jobs with BoFood® Organic is absolutely necessary.

Due to the food pigments, the available shades differ from the usual color indices and also have lower light fastnesses.

Please observe the processing instructions.

Product numbers
BoFood® Organic Y 70-1005
BoFood® Organic M 70-1006
BoFood® Organic C 70-1007
BoFood® Organic K 70-1008
BoFood® Organic Yellow 70-1011
BoFood® Organic Orange 70-1012
BoFood® Organic Transparent White 70-1020


For the overcoating of BoFood® Organic inks, we recommend the following products from the Finishfit® and Organic varnish range:

  • Finishfit® WBC Gloss FCM DFC 2038
  • Finishfit® WBC Barrier FCM DFC 2169
  • BoFood® Organic varnish 2100

Please observe the respective product information and processing instructions.


  • Protect from frost, heat and direct sunlight
  • Store only in original packaging units at 10 – 30 °C (50 – 86 °F)
  • Unopened and correctly stored, BoFood® Organic inks have a shelf life of 10 months from date of delivery.
Note: This technical description is intended to inform and advise you. It corresponds to our current state of knowledge. However, since the specific application depends on a number of factors over which we have no influence, no guarantee and liability for the pressure failure can be derived.