Epple Druckfarben, PCO Europe & Pulse: A strong trio

Epple Druckfarben, PCO Europe and Pulse Printing Products: Three companies that have jointly set themselves major objectives. A close business collaboration that includes common product developments is the next step. And customers also benefit as the high process reliability ensures that sheetfed offset printing products will be of the highest quality.

The development and distribution of perfectly coordinated product series will be stepped up even further. “We wish to establish ourselves, with our tripled expertise, as a solution provider with swift, personalised service – on a global basis,” explains Dieter Zang, Director of Product Strategy.

The staff and the inks, coatings and adhesives created by Pulse Printing Products in Bristol are highly respected throughout the industry. Pulse produces Epple’s waterborne dispersion coatings and also successfully sells its printing inks in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Local warehouses in Bristol and a mixing station for spot colours ensure short lead times. This partnership offers the British market for sheetfed offset inks a high degree of technical expertise and support. Epple’s Finishfit® coatings offer a wide range of oil-based (OIL), water-based (WBC) and UV coatings for numerous applications.

Further information: pulseppl.com

PCO Europe B.V., Etten-Leur, is a leading Dutch manufacturer and supplier of printing chemicals for the offset printing industry, and has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Epple Druckfarben AG since July 2020. Dieter Zang has been CEO since March 2020: “Our customers should receive high-performance products which help them perform in terms of quality, cost savings, environmental responsibility and stable production.” PCO Europe has a modern and comprehensive R&D department, a versatile team of specialists and a consistent focus on the needs of the end user. This collaboration enables Epple Druckfarben AG to strengthen its product portfolio of printing chemicals and expand its Fit series (e. g. Waterfit, Washfit, Extrafit …).

Further information: pco-eu.com