Sustainability lived at Epple

Working at Epple

  • Flexible working time models increase employee satisfaction
  • Bike leasing, company run event and stop smoking seminars support employee health
  • Individual further education programmes strengthen workforce
  • Language courses encourage continuous training of employees
  • Further development programmes improve management competence
  • Regular take-over of agency workers increases employee satisfaction
  • Work safety management system (ISO 45001– without certification) improves industrial safety and health-protection of employees

Stefanie Ardente

“Sustainable personnel concepts for diverse life-plans are very important to me. In my case it is the combination of family and profession. It means I can pursue my work, which I enjoy very much, without having to neglect my family.”

Apprenticeships at Epple

  • Cooperation with schools supports youth in choosing a career
  • Increase in number of apprentices ensures the future
  • Regular evaluation and training meetings improve the apprenticeship quality
  • Weekly training classes, supported by specialist departments, when required, reinforce learning effect
  • Cross-regional workshops impart extra knowledge to apprentices
  • English lessons with certification serve as long term further education measure
  • Participation in Erasmus project increases career opportunities
  • Training of immigrants encourages good integration

“I had a very good start to my professional life as an apprentice at Epple. The openness and willingness to help among the colleagues as well as the learning of specialist knowledge were what influenced me most. Now I am working in the Human Resources team and can pass my experience on.”

Production and Consumption

  • Quarter yearly adjustment of distribution parameters avoided ink over production
  • Product packaging (packaging of sheet metal / plastic) are 100 % recyclable
  • Large volume packaging (IBC) in the production cycle reduce incidence of waste
  • Certified service suppliers take over professional waste disposal
  • Re-usage of packaging materials from cardboard, sheet metal, plastic

Hoang-Minh Bao and Marc Offermanns

“Also with ecological inks, the ink quality begins with good raw materials. But most decisive is the further processing. In our modern, process optimised printing ink production, we are strongly guided by sustainability guidelines.”

Organisation and corporate development

  • Management events encourage cross-divisional cooperation
  • Strategy meetings and process management for sustainable corporate development
  • Expansion and integration of new product series through international partnerships

Stefan Schülling
Head of Corporate Development

“Sustainable corporate development means expansion and growth in a responsible framework. One example is our involvement with printing chemicals producer PCO Europe and thereby the exploitation of synergy effects.”

Working with suppliers

  • Audit appointments with suppliers on-site by Procurement and Development Management


  • ISO 9001 (Quality management)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental management)
  • ISO 50001 (Energy management)

Sustainable Products

  • The regular development of innovative and sustainable products like PURe® and BoFood® are a branch wide contribution towards environmentally friendly printing processes