BoFood MH Mixing system

This series meets all three requirements on food packaging in terms of ink.

Migration harmless

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This series meets all three requirements on food packaging when it comes to ink. These are:

  • Low odour
  • Swelling reduced
  • Migration harmless

BoFood MH inks are migration harmless. This means that, in contrast to traditional low migration systems, they exhibit absorption properties and therefore a physical drying. Typographically they are therefore clearly superior to the classical low migration systems. And yet they fulfil all legal requirements in terms of food safety as the absorbing and therefore potential migrating components are foodstuffs or food additives themselves. This enables the usage of BoFood MH ink for the production of primary food packaging, also.

The requirement for low odour calls for binding agents, which do not comply with the common demands for abrasion resistance. Therefore dispersion varnishing is strictly necessary for all printing jobs with BoFood MH.

The principal application is mainly the printing of primary packaging for flavour sensitive filling.


Low odour yes
Swelling reduced yes
Migration harmless yes

Thanks to these properties all requirements for total migration (< 60 ppm) as well as the specific migration (< 10 ppb) for non-evaluated substances can be fulfilled, product wise. A barrier coating in order to comply with the legal demands of the regulation 1935/2004 EG is not necessary for the ink.

Mineral oil free yes
Absorption yes
Primary food packaging appropriate
Dispersion varnishing necessary

Conformity with 1935/2004 EG

The confirmation of an independent institute in regard to conformity of printing with BoFood MH inks is available.

The BoFood MH mixing system consists of 12 basic inks plus black and transparent white.

Ink description and fastnesses of the BoFood MH basic inks:

    Light fastness Sprit Nitro Alkali Opacity Film laminating
BoFood MH Yellow 97250 5 + + + l +
BoFood MH Yellow 97251 6 + + + l +
BoFood MH Yellow 97252 7 + + + l +
BoFood MH Orange 97253 5 + + + l +
BoFood MH Red 97255 5 + - + l +
BoFood MH Red 97256 7 + + + l +
BoFood MH Red 97257 5 + + - l +
BoFood MH Red 97258 6 + + + l +
BoFood MH Purple 97259 7 + + + l +
BoFood MH Violet 97260 7 + + + l +
BoFood MH Blue 97261 8 + + + l +
BoFood MH Green 97262 8 + + + l +
BoFood MH Black 97263 8 + + + d +
BoFood MH Transparent white 97264         l  

Fastness properties according to:
Light fastness: ISO 2835:1974
Alcohol/Spirit: ISO 2836
Solvent Mixture/Nitro: ISO 2836
Alcali/Alcali: ISO 2836

+ Properties given, - Properties not given

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