aniva® Euro Series

The aniva® euro series is a new high-pigmented ink type and an indispensable component of the aniva® system.

The aniva®euro series is a new high-pigmented ink type and an indispensable component of the aniva®system. This is a standardization system in the offset area with clearly extended colour space.

ICC profiles as well as colour tone and colour strength of the printing inks are attuned to one another. aniva®inks are printed with new standard density readings (→ Black 2.4, Cyan 1.9, Magenta 1.8 and Yellow 1.7). In order to meet these high requirements as well as the high pigmentation, new methods had to be developed in the binding agent formulation.

The aniva®series is based on a new vegetable binding agent combination. It possesses an unusually broad universal usability, and provides a multiplicity of favourable properties to the printer.

Outstanding and fast adjusting ink/water balance, as well favourable stacking behaviour combine with higher stability of the transmission properties also on perfecting machines. This applies also to higher machine speeds and longer machine running times.

Good gloss, evident printing contrast, and good abrasion resistance guarantee a qualitatively high-quality printed product and trouble-free finishing.

As a modern ink series aniva® fulfils all requirements of ISO-Norm 2846-1. Its colour intensity and dot sharpness allows the printer to meet all requirements of ISO-Norm 12647-2 regarding the ink properties, as well as achieving a very neutral grey-balance.


Fast Work-and-turn 4
Fast Processing 4
Abrasion Resistance 4
Gloss 5
Perfecting yes
Infrared Reactive no

5=excellent, 4=very good, 3=good, 2=satisfactory, 1=sufficient

There are 2 versions:

Series 650: Duct fresh

This series enables the printer to have long printing intervals without the ink drying in the ink duct.

  Item no. Light Glaze. Alcohol Nitro Alkali
aniva®-Euro-Yellow 20-650 5 5 + + +
aniva®-Euro-Magenta 20-650 6 5 + + +
aniva®-Euro-Cyan 20-650 7 8 + + +
aniva®-Euro-Black 20-650 8 8 - - -
aniva®-Euro-Black (all properties) 20-650 9 8 - + +

Series 81275/6/7 + 52217: non duct fresh

This series is particularly suitable for difficult printing products with high color imposition due to its outstanding thorough drying.

  Item no. Light Glaze. Alcohol Nitro Alkali
aniva®-Euro-Yellow 81275 5 + + + +
aniva®-Euro-Magenta 81276 5 + + + -
aniva®-Euro-Cyan 81277 8 + + + +
aniva®-Euro-Black 52217 8 - - - +

+ Properties given, - Properties not given

Processing tips; Finishing and UV Varnishing

The finishing properties of the aniva® euro series correspond in all points to that of conventional process inks.

A high degree of abrasion resistance is expected from a printing ink. Alongside binding agents, this is obtained by adding waxes. Normally, finishing companies require inks without wax components as well as with all fastness properties.

Therefore, the aniva® series, like other process inks, cannot be UV varnished or processed unconditionally. A short run test in advance is absolutely necessary.

This technical instruction sheet is designed for your information and reference. It is based on and conforms to our current knowledge. However as actual application is affected by many factors over which we have no control, we are not liable for printing failures.