Special Process inks

Eco Board

Founded on the basis of a new type of vegetable binding agent combination, this Euro Eco System disposes of an unusually wide and universal usability. It offers the printer a multitude of advantageous properties, especially in the range of process series.

Eco Board

Excellent and fast adjusting ink-water balance, as well as favourable piling behaviour are combined with high constancy of transfer properties even at higher press speeds and longer press running times.

Maximum rub resistance, excellent carbonising fastness, good gloss and an outstanding print contrast ensure a high-quality print product as well as a fast and undisturbed processing. The use of the Eco Board series is particularly recommended on matt-coated papers. In most cases, a reduction of the fountain solution is possible.

The Eco Board series is characterised by:

  • Excellent runability
  • Good cylinder rolling
  • Excellent ink-water balance
  • Maximum rub resistance
  • Fast further processing
  • Suitable for IPA free printing

It complies with DIN ISO 2846-1 and thus offers the optimum conditions on the ink side for achieving the specifications of DIN ISO 12647-2.



Item no. Light Transp. Spirit Nitro Alcali
Eco Board Y 20-2705 5 + + + +
Eco Board M 20-2706 5 + + +
Eco Board C 20-2707 8 + + + +
Eco Board K a.f. 20-2709 8 + + +

+ Property given, − Property not given

Printing Additives

Additiv Item no. Dosage
Printing oil 071 max. 5 %
Thinner 455 max. 5 %
Printing Jelly 348 max. 6 %
Rapid drier liquid 058 max. 3 %
Eppo drier viscous 2001 max. 3 %
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