PURe® series

World debut: PURe®

A new ink technology for offset printing

PURe is the pure ink series for commercial and package printers that value safety, employee protection and consumer protection. The environmentally friendly ink system has not any hazard labelling and can be printed with almost all machine types (double-sided printing, straight presses). PURe covers a wide variety of substrates and shows excellent brilliance and plasticity when printed on uncoated paper. On absorbent printing substrates, it dries much more quickly than conventional offset inks. Applied for patent PURe ink technology thereby unites the best properties from both worlds: sustainability and environmental friendliness, combined with fast drying and further processing.


PURe ink technology: sustainable, renewable and very fast-drying.

In technological terms, PURe must be viewed as a new, completely stand-alone. third ink technology in which the ink film, induced by the absorption of the liquid components, is formed in a kind of self-polymerisation process. This allows the swift application of further processes, such as folding and laminating. As a world debut, PURe dispenses completely with potentially toxic metal dryers (cobalt or any other metal soaps) or photo initiators.

Due to the reactivity of PURe, it must be strictly ensured that PURe is not mixed with other ink systems and non-recommended auxiliary agents (washing agents, thinners, etc.), as this can result in spontaneous hardening (also during the printing press).

Swelling tests with roller materials have shown that the best results are achieved with mixing rollers. Positive experiences/swelling tests therefore exist with roller materials of renowned manufacturers. Tests and the productive use on conventional roller materials should generally succeed without problems. However, pure UV roll coverings should not be used, as they tend to exhibit strong swelling when used with the PURe ink system.

Following extensive tests, PURe is entering the market with printing instructions and a clear recommendation on the part of printing materials. This pool of materials includes not only roll coverings, but also rubber blankets, washing agents and fountain solution additives. Such finetuning allows the unique drying mechanism of PURe to take full effect.

The PURe series is duct-fresh and, as experience has shown, can be used both in straight and in perfecting machines. It is distinguished by its fast drying and allows very fast further processing by printers.

As a modern ink series, it allows the printer to comply with the requirements of ISO 12647-2 and to maintain a very neutral grey balance. The ink's fast drying gives images a highly plastic appearance, especially on strongly absorbent printing substrates.

In an evaluation of the properties work and turn, further processing and duct freshness, the PURe series is superior to conventional oil-based systems (see diagram below).



PURe allows diverse and flexible further processing with outstanding carbonising characteristics. The refinement options for products printed with PURe are extensive: Both hot and cold foil printing and laminating achieve high-quality results.


Item no. Light Transp. Spirit Nitro Alcali


5 + + + +


5 + + + -


8 + + + +


8 - + + +

+ property given, - property not given

Printing Additives

AdditivesItem no.
Waterfit PURe2202
Washfit PURe (VOC frei EU)2301
Washfit PURe (VOC frei CH)2303
Washfit PURe (VOC frei CH)2305
Cleanfit fount617
Cleanfit rollerpaste1199
Printing oil PURe2181
This technical instruction sheet is designed for your information and reference. It is based on and conforms to our current knowledge. However as actual application is affected by many factors over which we have no control, we are not liable for printing failures.