Special colours: fascinatingly functional

Special colours can inspire the masses. Because special colours are a central component of brand campaigns, brand protection and important creative tools for agencies, shapers and designers.

Analytically observed, special colours enable the same colour appearance on varying materials and substrates. A recognition factor is the outcome, meaning an important CI factor and a criterion of the company has been fulfilled.

A Colourist evaluates diverse Colour Charts under D50-Norm light (Reference daylight illuminant).

Special colours, whether PANTONE® or mixed colour, stand for quality: in their creativity, composition and creation of print value. No matter how small the colour sample; everyone who has a clear imagination of their desired tone, will have this recipe executed to perfection.

This task is the responsibility of the Coloristic Department at Epple: They execute recipes and digitise the desired special colour in accordance with the customer. This applies to many varied areas of application: Commercial printing, Packaging printing i. e. BoFood® MH for indirect and BoFood® Organic for direct foodstuff contact, the purest ink PURe® and UV, UV LE / UV LED.

Production is carried out at the Headquarters in Neusäß, in several mixing stations or directly on the customer's site. In each case, close coordination with the relevant expert from Epple is mandatory.

Norbert Lenzgeiger
Head of Coloristic at Epple Druckfarben AG

“Special colours have many facets and our specialists develop them ever further. Because each customer deserves their own individual colour of success.”