Product recommendation

Extreme PSO

Suitable for all paper types

The Extreme PSO Series is an intensive universal series for a wide application spectrum that boasts excellent rub resistance properties. It is specially suited for multi colour printing presses for perfecting printing with high press speeds, as well as for straight web path presses.

Product properties:

  • Outstanding printability
  • Very good processing
  • Excellent ink-water balance at high speeds
  • Fast absorption
  • Outstanding rub resistance
  • Very low levels of misting


Uncoated Pro

For uncoated paper

This series is particularly suited to double-sided printing on uncoated natural paper or newsprint paper. Oxidative drying inks tend towards build up of lint in perfecting. In the Uncoated Pro Series a special binding agent-drying combination prevents build up of lint and reduces the odour development with high colour assignment.

Product properties:

  • Outstanding printability
  • High luminance and colour intensity
  • Excellent ink-water balance at high speeds
  • Low levels of build ups on blankets and impression cylinders
  • Good surface print with consistent high print contrast