“Pick a piece of happiness” – BoFood® Organic delights berry lovers

Frutania in Grafschaft-Ringen, is one of Germany's largest suppliers of berries, pome and stone fruits as well as vegetables for the food industry. And now, BoFood® Organic, the migration harmless ink from the printing ink manufacturer Epple, is making creative innerside printing on berry punnets possible.

The open sales packaging for berry fruits has been specially developed for the requirements of weekly markets and farmyards sales outlets in North Rhein-Westphalia, Rheinland Palatinate, Hessen and Baden-Württemberg. Frutania is thereby getting away from the previously used plastic punnets and moving to cardboard packaging.

“The wholesalers are happy with the punnets and they are selling well in the target markets. In order to be able to use the punnets all year we have a variation for Germanfruit with our brand 'picked in Germany' and a variation for imported fruit without this branding” explains Benno Friebe, Marketing Specialist at Frutania.

John Druck und Verpackung in Mindelheim produces the cardboard punnets. BoFood®, Epple's ink series, is naturally used by the packaging specialists. BoFood® offers a complete range of migration harmless, harmonised products for both outerside and innerside printing of primary foodstuff packaging as well as a corresponding effect varnish.

More advertising space: Frutania's berry punnets are innerside printed with BoFood® Organic from Epple.

Trailblazer in sustainable packaging

John Druck und Verpackung is a trendsetter in sustainability and marketing with its use of BoFood® Organic.

“We want our customers to have a solution which is 100 % safe for the end consumer”, explains Managing Director Thomas John, and continues: “We are using BoFood® Organic now for diverse punnets for our customers. Thanks to the innerside printing with BoFood® Organic, we enable our customers from the foodstuff industry to have valuable additional communication possibilities which can be used for advertising, competitions or QR-Codes.”

Thomas John is heading the company as part of the second generation, alongside his brothers Hans and Wolfgang John. The management are convinced that safety in foodstuff packaging is the utmost priority.

Quality and safety are maxims

John Druck und Verpackung wants to guarantee its customers the maximum of quality and safety and has therefore selected the corresponding printing inks. “In general we only use mineral oil free printing inks and LM-dispersions and UV varnishes,” according to ThomasJohn. “For years now we have almost exclusively deployed Epple inks, because we are convinced of their quality and their service.” The introduction of the new inks like BoFood® Organic required the competence of the application technicians. “During the first tests and the first productions with BoFood® Organic, our printers were supported by Epple instructors,” explains Thomas John.

Benno Friebe
Marketing Specialist at Frutania

Thomas John
Managing Director John Druck und Verpackung


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