Epple Mixing Stations in Germany

Epple understands their customer's colour wishes in detail and executes recipes for printing inks in their own laboratories in Neusäß. Modern mixing stations belonging to Epple and their partners mix the desired special colours. It ensures that the customers like printing houses, agencies and branded companies get long-term, consistent colour quality.

Berlin mixing station

Epple's very first external mixing station has been in Berlin since 1995. At that time, Epple wanted to expand its sales area to the Berlin region. Bernd Uhlig, Area Sales Manager who has been present from day one, remembers: “Market analysis had confirmed that solid revenues were achievable in the region if a service centre was installed.” In 1996 a mixing station was established on the location of a local label printing house. The first month’s production was 300 Kilograms of special colour and this volume increased during the year to around one ton and of course machinery was acquired correspondingly. Since October 2014, Epple has been mixing at the letterpress and offset printing house H. Heenemann in Berlin. Epple is linked to their functioning storage and distribution system and uses premises there for customer trainings also. The flexible service means extremely fast delivery times for the customers. “Numerous customers also use the 'collection by the customer on the day of ordering', facility,” explains Bernd Uhlig. The Area Sales Manager at Epple advises end customers and Peter Geßner is responsible for delivery dates, orders and supplies.

Epple Servicecenter Berlin
+49 30 76 28 80 91 | servicecenter-berlinepple-druckfarbende

(f.l.t.r.) The service team in Berlin consists of Bernd Uhlig (Area Sales Manager), Peter Geßner and Turan Cetinkaya.

East-Westphalian mixing station

The Epple mixing station in East-Westphalia, in Hille, has established itself successfully.The mixing station has been supplying printing houses from the important sales regionsof Westphalia and the Ruhr district since 2018 as well as neighbouring regions with the required offset printing inks from Epple, directly and even faster. Torsten Oevermann heads the mixing station with his son Marvin. The family duo is experienced with Eppleproducts and shares the quality and service philosophy of the printing ink producers. The team advises and supports its customers in a correspondingly competent manner.Oevermann sells Epple's printing inks directly to his current customers. At the same time he works closely with Epple's Sales Representatives Karsten Stolze and Christian Müller-Wiegmann.

Torsten Oevermann
Mobil +49 172 5777234 | oev-mindengmxde

(f.l.t.r.) Torsten and Marvin Oevermann cover demand for special inks from Hille.

Mönchengladbach Mixing Station in cooperation with Steuber

This summer (2019) saw the successful beginning of a cooperation with Heinrich Steuber GmbH + Co. The renowned systems supplier for graphic solutions from Mönchengladbach will, with immediate effect, mix special colours from Epple. printing houses receive not only direct delivery with their desired special colour, but also a special service offering. Should a customer desire e.g. a special colour ground, then as a special service the customer will be offered a selection of special colours on their substrates. A team of experienced ink specialists and Fred Scherpenborg, Epple's Sales Representative, are on-hand for the customer. Steuber is also wonderfully set up regarding material management for process compliant system components. Efficient logistics and a vehicle fleet of their own vehicles mean fast delivery of all orders.

Fred Scherpenborg
Mobil +49 151 44217161 | fred.scherpenborgepple-druckfarbende

Dirk Wolf
Mobil +49 172 25 84 002 | d.wolfsteubernet

Friedrich Gysae
Mobil +49 173 70 83 383 | f.gysaesteubernet


Günther Faust
Mobil +49 172 21 44 191 | g.fauststeubernet

Mixing Stations at the customers

The benefits are obvious for customers with their own mixing stations. One of these benefits is the fast in-house production of the desired ink colour according to the recipe supplied by Epple. This means a needs-based just-in-time delivery directly to the printing press can be realised. Along with minimal storage times, the service quality increases as customer wishes in printing can be realised at very short notice.