Tintas Arzubialde: The absolute ink competence on the Iberian Peninsula

Sales partner Spain

Epple has had a business relationship with Tintas Arzubialde for more than ten years and the ink specialist from La Rioja has sold Epple printing inks and varnishes in Spain exclusively, since 2012.

Tintas Arzubialde is a true expert in the printing ink sector on the Iberian Peninsula. Its 61 employees, of whom 7 are chemists, produce inks, varnishes and other chemical aids for the graphic industry branch. Their products cover the entire range of printing technologies: Offset printing, Gravure printing, Screen-printing, Flexo printing, Chips and Varnishes. These printing experts are absolutely convinced by Epple printing inks in sheetfed offset printing. They appreciate the quality in formulation, print and post processing. Alongside numerous specialist certificates like the European Central Bank Accreditation as ink supplier for Euro Banknotes, Tintas Arzubialde has also of course been certified for quality (ISO 9001:2008) and environmentally friendly processes (ISO 14001:2003). Tintas Arzubialde is an exceptional company, which has distinguished itself through the recognised excellence of its security inks, amongst others.

Tintas Arzubialde, just like Epple, lays great value on research and development in the area of ink systems.

"Such a specialised sales partner with their market and expert knowledge is a huge stroke of luck for us as the leading producer of sheetfed offset inks. Another mutuality is our shared passion for research and development", explains Regional Sales Manager, Gangolf Junglen, from Epple. Their open-mindedness for innovations and vast experience with Epple printing inks, mean that the printers from the Iberian Peninsula profit from the latest ink systems as well as application-technical competence for rapid customer support. Service teams react from locations in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia.



Tintas Arzubialde S.L.
2014 Polígono Industrial de Canabria I
C/ Majuelo n°5
26009 Logroño (La Rioja)

Gerardo A. Gonzáles
Tel. +34 941 23 18 33