The printing World at a glance: Epple's International Sales Team

Gerhard Janssen
Head of Sales

"I am delighted to be able to present you our export sector personnel. They all live customer focus with all of their passion, every day. All of our sales employees possess in abundance the necessary characteristics for this focus, like high commitment, quick reaction times and solution oriented work processes. In combination with our application-technology specialists who have their competences in application and product knowledge, we are a strong and reliable team for our customers and partners."


Regional Sales Manager

Gangolf Junglen
Seniority: at Epple since 2012
Current Post: Regional Sales Manager for Southern Europe, parts of Eastern Europe,
Africa, the near East, parts of Asia and Latin America

Industry experience: The trained economist has experience with all branches of the graphic industry, including suppliers, printers and press manufacturers. Junglen was previously managing director at Sauer Walzenfabriken in Spain and Italy and had the same leading position at the CDW Color Druck printing house, among other positions. As Regional manager for printcom at manroland AG, Junglen was able to acquire in-depth printing technology know-how.

Benjamin Bornfleth
Seniority: at Epple since 2012
Current Post: Regional Sales Manager for Oceania, South Africa,
the Baltic States, parts of the USA and Great Britain

Industry experience: His major task as Technical Sales Manager at Epple has been preceded by valuable industry experience. The trained industrial foreman for printing worked for Koenig & Bauer and Komori worldwide as an instructor and application-technology expert, among other positions, and built up the service area for a large printing company.


Your first contact partner:
Sales Service International

They are the beating heart of international sales for Epple in Neusäß: the Sales Service International supports the Sales Management and the Regional Sales Manager.

When a customer contacts Epple, they normally contact Brigitte Fahrner and Nina Gai, initially. These two colleagues complement each other brilliantly, with Brigitte Fahrner's 22 years of experience and Nina Gai's youthful enthusiasm. Their tasks in Sales Service International are manifold: They process customer enquiries and direct these to the responsible Epple experts, they create offers and organise company visits.

Comprehensive competence: Other departments in Epple also use the language talents of the Sales Service International Team for translation work (from left to right Brigitte Fahrner and Nina Gai).


The Technical Service Team

Printing inks from Epple are a promise of the highest printing quality. This is what the Technical Service Team ensure.

When a new Epple ink system is introduced in a printing house or should sundry enquiries arise, then the experts from the Technical Service and Technical Sales Team spring into action. They advise and support printers personally, when required, on-site, worldwide. Because nobody knows the Epple ink systems together with the technological preconditions and requirements of printing customers, better than the experienced Technical Service Team.

From left to right, top: Norbert Lenzgeiger (Head of Technical Service), Michael Eierle, Stefan Mayr, Martin Streitberger, Igor Koch
bottom: Dario Milovic, Manfred Widmann, Manfred Lilly, Zeki Sag, Jaroslaw Wozny


The Export Team

The International Sales Service Export Team always keep their eyes firmly on the supply chain. This department supports customers from the order entry right up to the punctual delivery of the goods, and that worldwide.

Comprehensive knowledge is required in order to reliably process the many relevant delivery documents. These include transport papers, customs procedures, movement certificates and certificates of origin. The International Sales Service Export Team comprises of many competent heads that reliably solve the most challenging customer concerns. Each customer can expect their optimal individual solution, and therefore the obtainment of the desired order.

Every customer can expect his or her optimal solution from the International Sales Service Export Team and therefore the obtainment of the desired order. (from left to right Gilda Carleo, Hang Dinh, Patrizia Traina, Daniel Rathgeber, Volker Becker).