Product recommendation

Power Protect

Versatile applications and good printability: The Power Protect series is designed to be a strong universal series for a broad range of uses.

The quality of the Power Protect series comes into its own on multicolour printing machines, whether they are recto and verso at high print speeds or straight printing presses. The binding agents are based on renewable raw materials and contain no mineral oil. The ink meets the new guidelines for achieving the German Blaue Engel eco-certification of the printed or end product (according to RAL ZU 195).

Meets criteria for certification

Thanks to its excellent ink/water balance, the extremely rub-resistant Power Protect products achieve a high print quality, even on materials that are difficult to print on. As a modern colour scale, the Power Protect series fulfils the requirements of ISO standard 2846-1 and ISO 12647-2.

Finishfit® Microbe Protect

The protective coating Finishfit® Microbe Protect contains a coating additive with our exclusive active nanosilver complex, which is proven to reduce bacteria and viruses. These coatings can be used to embellish e.g., packaging and magazines.

External testing institutes have investigated various printed samples coated with Finishfit® Microbe Protect. Tests (in accordance with ISO 22196:2011) to reduce bacteria on the coating film of Finishfit® WBC Gloss Microbe Protect 2400 revealed a reduction in the microbial count by up to 99.99 % (log unit 4). The antiviral analysis of a printed sample for a strain of the coronavirus family (BCoV) showed a reduction by 99.98 % within one hour.

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Waterfit sf if 2344

Kostensparend und effizient: Der IPA-freie Druck besitzt Vorteile, die mit dem Einsatz eines hochwertigen Feuchtmittels wie Waterfit sf if 2344 erreicht werden können.

Ein stabiler Druckprozess mit geringer Makulatur wirkt sich im alkoholfreien Druck kostensparend aus. Das erreicht Waterfit sf if 2344 schon mit einer geringen Feuchtmitteldosierung. Damit bleibt der Framing-Effekt auch bei hohen Auflagen außen vor. Ausgewogene Komponenten sorgen dafür, dass ein Aufbau auf dem Drucktuch und den Walzen durch Ablagerungen, z. B. aus dem Papier, verhindert werden. Somit können hohe Auflagen ohne Reinigungsaufwand realisiert werden.