Lean organisation = expanded expertise

Epple’s claim is to provide optimum and customer-focused advice and support. This is why Epple puts its product divisions at the heart of the company’s organisation. The product line managers are the hub of specialist knowledge in the fields of commercial printing, packaging, spot colours, varnishes and printing chemicals. This ensures customers are quickly provided with qualified solutions.

Since 2020, the product line managers and their teams have been managing and developing the various product ranges. This enables them to better analyse and tap into the markets and business fields as well as be more targeted in their work. As a result, customers enjoy quicker processes with an exceptionally high-quality result.

Helmut Fröhlich, Product Line Manager Commercial Sheetfed, Packaging & Spot Colours
Dr. Vroni Walter, Head of Research & Development
Dieter Zang, Director Product Strategy and Product Line Manager Pressroom Chemicals, Coatings & UV

Personalised consultation and swift project implementation

The lean, expert team of leaders in their fields can process customer enquiries as well as internal and external tasks in a targeted manner. The resulting projects are thereby shared across several people with clear responsibilities. Customers receive the required information about the printing process quickly and with all the details they need from their contact.

Customised products

Product line managers can usually quickly execute requests for customised products by working directly and closely together with the product development team. Smooth printing processes can be achieved by fine-tuning the sheetfed offset printing inks, coatings and pressroom chemicals. This is based on in-depth testing in the lab, as well as in the company’s own printing plant.

Product line manager tasks

A product line manager knows every aspect of their market along with all the technological and communication trends. They are the interface between sales and therefore customer requirements, product development, marketing and executive management. The product line manager develops customer-specific solutions for sale. In consultation with Research & Development, internal and external product requirements are discussed and the resulting development plans drafted and implemented.