BoFood® DFC System: New ink system for direct food contact

Epple continues to develop its sustainable packaging solutions. BoFood® DFC System (DFC = direct food contact) is the name of the new ink system for printing on recyclable and plastic-free food packaging.

Stefan Schülling
Member of the Executive Board at Epple Druckfarben AG

„The new DFC ink systems from Epple allow printing companies to better address customer demands for eye-catching, high-quality and food-safe packaging.“

New to Epple’s range: The BoFood® DFC system, which is available with immediate effect from Sun Chemical, their development partner, as SunPak® DirectFood Plus. This ink series allows for the safe, direct contact of food with inks on the inside of paper packaging. This innovation is the logical evolution of BoFood® Organic, the offset printing ink series designed for safe printing on primary food packaging. Dr. Vroni Walter, Head of Research & Development, and her team have applied the expert knowledge and methods gained in previous projects to their development work: “We have thoroughly analysed and evaluated the raw materials, semi-finished products and final printing inks. Our customers receive a product that meets the highest safety requirements for DFC inks.” All the raw materials used in the BoFood® DFC system have been evaluated and approved for use in coatings with direct food contact. The raw material selection and entire manufacturing process, as well as the incoming and outgoing goods inspections, are subject to the strict requirements of GMP Regulation (EC) No. 2023/2006.

Jointly responsible for Epple being a step ahead with its sustainable printing inks for packaging: Helmut Fröhlich, Product Line Manager Commercial Sheetfed & Packaging, who brings market and printing expertise to projects, and Dr. Vroni Walter, Head of Research & Development at Epple.

The new DFC ink system has proven its colour strength and excellent runnability in series of tests, emphasizes Helmut Fröhlich, Product Line Manager Packaging: “The BoFood® DFC system has an impressive, greatly expanded colour space and stable pigmentation. Offering outstanding printability, they also provide the colour brilliance and accuracy needed for visually exceptional printed products. Furthermore, with the inks and coatings in its BoFood® product family, Epple Druckfarben AG provides its printing customers, distribution partners and brand manufacturers with a way of making full use of plastic-free packaging, for instance by using the inside of the packaging for QR codes, recipes, product information or branding.”

Further information about the BoFood® DFC System


BoFood® DFC is the only sheetfed offset printing ink for safe printing on the inside of packaging in direct contact with food.


Intelligent packaging also uses the inside spaces for information and promotion.


All the raw materials used in BoFood® DFC have been evaluated and are approved for direct food contact.


Effect coatings make it possible to achieve matt-gloss visual effects that create a real impact.

Vivid colour

BoFood® DFC offers an impressive and extended colour space and unprecedented colour strength.