Interview with Lisa Renner - a former apprentice taken on by the company

09 July 2021, Neusaess

You completed your training at Epple Druckfarben this year and were taken on by the company. What was your personal career in the company like?

I started my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at Epple Druckfarben AG in September 2019. Due to my qualifications, I was able to successfully complete the apprenticeship this year in June, after 2 years of training.

How did the staff integrate you as an apprentice?

At Epple, team spirit is very highly valued! Every time I changed departments, I was warmly welcomed into the team. After a short time, you are integrated into all departments and receive both help and valuable tips from all colleagues in the company. I never felt like an “apprentice” but always like a full member of the team.

What was most interesting during your apprenticeship at Epple Druckfarben?

Definitely, the apprentice projects. Working in a team of apprentices, for example, to develop and record the apprentice movies, was a challenge and at the same time a great project. We were all able to use our individual strengths and thus achieve a successful result together.

In which area of the company will you work in the future? What do you like best there?

After my apprenticeship, I am now employed in the Sales Service department. What I like most about this department is the diversity. Every day, I am in close contact with customers from different countries. In addition, the administrative tasks are also very rich in variety. That is demanding, but also prevents routine.

What are you most excited about?

The area of responsibility I am most excited for is the contact to international sales partners around the globe, getting to know their cultures and supporting them in their operations.

What would you like to pass on to future apprentices?

An apprenticeship is the start into the professional life. Every start is a new beginning, which may sometimes seem difficult and complicated, but with a lot of fun in the job and supportive colleagues, it can be mastered in no time. Look forward to a varied training period and be proud of the small daily successes that you are able to achieve.


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