go2green: Epple new member of the initiative for sustainable printing inks

Neusaess, 16 February 2022

Driving sustainability in the printing industry: Epple Druckfarben is now pursuing this goal as a member of the new go2green industry initiative. Epple has been developing sustainable printing inks for decades, the most recent example being the product innovation BoFood® DFC System for inside printing of food packaging. Now Epple will contribute its know-how to go2green, the innovation platform initiated by the research company HeiQ RAS AG. go2green aims to promote cooperation between SMEs, industry and research in the interests of ecological solution approaches and product innovations. The result should be a reduction in toxic and poorly degradable substances. Epple Druckfarben AG is already familiar with the cooperation with HeiQ RAS AG from the successful collaboration in the development of an innovative varnish. The Regensburg-based company supports the development of resource-efficient and sustainable products for a safe and modern living environment with research and knowledge relating to the use of modern nanotechnology.