The Verband Vollpappe-Kartonagen e.V. (VVK) – the Trade association of solid board cartons

The trade association of solid board cartons – (VVK) is the union of manufacturers for solid board packaging in Germany, which has been representing the industry’s interests vis-à-vis politicians, authorities, institutions in the packaging industry, other industry and business group and the general public since 1953. Since its foundation, the VVK has carried out pioneering work for the solid board generating and processing industry.

The VVK considers its primary role to be providing information and to represent the interests of its members. Both contribute to ensuring successful business management under changing political and economic framework conditions.

At the heart of the association work is the focus and representation of common interests, technical questions relating to solid board processing and numerous projects related to joint advertising for solid board as a packaging material and solid board packaging. For example, the sensational interactive solid board experience at FachPack 2013.

For more than 60 years, the VVK and its members have managed to successfully face the changing challenges of the packaging markets and have constructively shaped the direction of change in the packaging sector.


  • Bulletins VVK Informationen (VVK news) and VVK-Chefinformationen (VVK manager news)
  • Extensive and practical information material
  • Professional contacts and expert discussions at membership meetings
  • Joint advertising and PR for solid board and solid board packaging
  • Technical dialogue with machine manufacturers and suppliers

The VVK is a professional member of the Paper Processing Trade Associations (WPV – Wirtschaftsverbänden Papierverarbeitung).

Verband Vollpappe-Kartonagen (VVK) e.V.
Hilpertstraße 22
64295 Darmstadt
Telephone: +49 6151 87 03 211
Email: infovvkorg