The German packaging museum views packaging to be a cultural asset. It archives and showcases exhibits from the history and prehistory of industrial packaging. In addition to technical inventions and machines, the museum highlights the development of culturally significant brand designs that have accompanied our day-to-day life for generations. The artefacts provide valuable information about our everyday culture. Personal care, hygiene, diet/cuisine, fashion, medicine, cosmetics, all of these topics are showcased with relevant information from the perspective of selected packaging. Special exhibitions are dedicated to set time periods and how certain topics or eras have made their mark on packaging design. For instance, the 100-year anniversary of the German Association of Craftsmen (Deutscher Werkbund) was honoured as was a review of “100 years of Bauhaus” (2019). Packaging is regarded as part of the respective era and its creative expression.

The museum also organises industry events to deepen and expand the knowledge on handling historic or well-known brands. Speakers, who have been identified and invited as genuine entrepreneurs, provide personal and valuable insights into their understanding of the respective culture of their brand, which frequently originates from their entrepreneurial family.

Hauptstraße 22 (Innenhof)
69117 Heidelberg
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